Friday, February 20, 2015

Rock Climbing in Turahalli

Turahalli is a popular tourist destination situated in South Bangalore, off Kanakapura Road, behind the Gubalala Village. The Shani Mahatma Temple situated atop Turahalli hillock, dedicated to Lord Shaneeswara, makes it a famous pilgrimage destination among the people of Bangalore. Turahalli is also famous for its hard granite rocks of various shapes and structures, which offer great opportunities for both the beginners as well the professionals.

Rock Climbing in Turahalli

Turahalli is a famous rock climbing destination among the rock climbers of Bangalore. This place offers excellent opportunities in bouldering a form of rock climbing in which the climbers have to climb on short, low routes without the use of the safety rope. Hard boulders of various sizes and shapes can be seen here, which have made this place a frequent training spot for all rock climbing enthusiasts of Bangalore.
Turahalli is a popular training spot in climbing. Many rock climbing institutes and clubs have made this place their favorite location. Outdoor enthusiasts also visit Turahalli once in a while and enjoy lazing around the place and learning a lesson or two from the local guides. Beginners visiting Turahalli can take help from the local rock climbers, who will guide through the bouldering routes.
It is also popular for being the location for climbing competitions. The multitude of boulders with its edgy routes, overhangs, and slabs as well as the highballs atop the hill offer the climbers a test in all types of climbing techniques. One of the most famous boulders at Turahalli hillock is the PHD, which have more than 15 routes that range from V0 to V6.
The ‘Valley of the Gods’, located behind the Shani Mahatma Temple, is yet another option for the rock climbers. Here, the climbing enthusiasts can try on the two large boulders, which range from V0 to V7. As these boulders are surrounded by numerous small boulders, rock climbers may find difficulty in placing crash pads. Moreover, safe exits are not present in this location, which are required for down-climbing the boulder.
Rock climbing rout in Turahalli
Turahalli hillock is surrounded by scrub and dry deciduous forests, which are fast depleting. Rock Climbers can enjoy magnificent view from atop the ‘Valley of the Gods’ of Turahalli hillock.

Accommodation in Turahalli Region

Rock climbers visiting Turahalli often stay at South Bangalore in between Bannerghatta Road and Sarjapur Road. This will help the climbing enthusiasts to reach Turahalli within one and a half hours. There are several accommodation options available at Bannerghatta Road and Sarjapur Road of South Bangalore. As these roads are considered the arterial roads of Bangalore Central, tourists also have the advantage of reaching their desired destination with ease.

The Best Time To Visit

October to February is the peak rock climbing season in Turahalli when the atmospheric temperature is in the range of 29ºC to 30ºC. Many Rock Climbing enthusiasts from India as well as abroad visit Turahalli during the winter month of December as the atmospheric temperature is mild at this time. The atmospheric temperature at Turahalli is found to be in the range of 25ºC to 39ºC during December