Friday, February 20, 2015

Rock Climbing Spots in India

1.   Hampi, Karnataka

Around 300 Km from Bangalore, Hampi has grown to become a very popular rock climbing destination, both amongst locals and foreigners. The Indian terrain here is made of red sandstone, and the best time to visit Hampi is during the winter months. With large masses of relatively unexplored boulders and masses, Hampi is like a climber’s paradise. Wildcraft in Jaynagar, Bangalore offer guide advise and gear for those interested.

2.   Kolkata, West Bengal

Many interesting rock climbing destinations can be found in the 300 mile radius around Kolkata. Famous spots include Matha Bura, Purulia, Susunia Hills and Jai Chandi. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, located in Darjeeling, offers some trekking and climbing expeditions in and around West Bengal.

3.   Around Delhi

Dhauj and Lado Sarai, situated around Delhi are excellent destinations for rock climbing and adventure tourism. Dhauj is 55 Km from Delhi, easily accessible by road, and offers some challenging rock formations that are a part of the Indian terrain. You can join local adventure tourism groups like ‘Delhi Climbing Group,’ for support and guidance about rock climbing around Delhi. The Outdoor School, New Delhi is another tour guiding facility you might want to contact.

4.   Around Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Western Ghats form an integral part of the Indian terrain, and offer some really popular rock climbing opportunities. Most notable are the ones near Mumbai like Borivali and Mumbra. Escapades is a local adventure tour group operating in Mumbai, who hold regular rock climbing tours to Mumbra and other regions.

5.   The Himalayas

We were saving the best for the last! The Himalayas offer unlimited climbing opportunities, and is the ultimate climbing destination. It has the toughest and most grueling rocks, and we wouldn’t recommend the Himalayas for beginners. Himalayan rock climbing locations are spread across Himachal and Uttaranchal. Manali and dharmshala are famous rock climbing destinations in Himachal, whereas Gangotri in Garhwal Himalayas is the famous adventure tour spot in Uttaranchal. The summer and Autumn months are the best time to visit these spots. There are many mountaineering institutes in these regions that you can contact.
Rock climbing is another popular adventure sports in Karnataka. Ramanagaram 50 kms from bangalore is a favorite destination for rock climbers. The rocks are challenging and is considered as the Mecca of rock climbing. The place abounds in rock formations, that are a climber’s delight. The hill is about 3066 feet above the sea level. Rocks of various shapes and sizes can be seen here. Some of them resemble a whale, a pigeon, a human being and the three-headed Brahma.
Places like Tumkur, Kanakapura, Savanadurga, Turahalli and Kabbaldurga are some of the places where rock climbers may drop in , some of these destinations are suitable for both beginners and professional climbers.
Turahalli: It is a place located off Kanakapura Road near Bangalore where you can get clusters of hills full of boulders. Turahalli is an arid countryside though lots of developments have happened around this hillock, it is still attracting adventurers.Turahalli is a popular training spot for rock climbing.
Sawan Durga: Hills rise up to a towering height of 4,022 feet above sea level. It is located at a distance of 62 kms from Bangalore & 10 KM from Magadi town is well known monolith in the Magadi Taluk is also called Magadi hill. The summit consists of two peaks, separated by a chasm, each being independent of the other. One is called the Kari Gudda or black peak, the other is Bili Gudda or White Peak. It is also a good place for rock climbing. The entire area is covered by verdure and serene atmosphere.
The best time to reach the peak is before sun gets too hot to handle. So it is good to start early. Initially the trek may seem hard, but the ethereal view from the peak makes it worth your while. The way down the hill is relatively easier.
This region is famous for medicinal plants and shrub forest. This is a paradise for the climbing enthusiasts. Climbers can scale sheer rock faces enduring up to grade 7. It is also good for a day’s trek and camping at the foothill. New Rocks: It is a paradise for the rock climbers. This is situated on the way to Bannerghatta National Park.
Raogodlu: The location of this place is on the Kanakapura Road at around 22 kilometers from Bangalore.
Kabbal Durga: This is a hilly place on the way to Channapatna from Kanakapura.
Ramanagara, Antara gange, Chamundi betta, Kunti betta are also few other places for rock climbing.
Hampi: This is a place noted not only for rock climbing but famous for its ancient temples. The whole area is dotted with many barren rocky hills and is ideal for rock climbing. Bolted routes endure beyond grade 7. There are plenty of routes to be exposed.
Badami: It is ideal for rock climbing in north Karnataka.
Even those who have no exposure to rock climbing, you can learn it on the artificial wall set up at the State Youth Center in Bangalore.
Must Carry: Water, cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and binoculars. Also wear comfortable shoes.

Adventure tourism is a flourishing industry in India and the masses of unexplored Indian terrain are waiting to be discovered by explorers. This is a great time to pack your bags and head out to tackle nature hands on!